Book Proposal Service

Create a book pitch that works

Query Letter Writing

We will work with you to help you write the perfect query letter for your book proposal, tailored to your book's genre.

Developmental Editing

Our detailed developmental editing on the first 15,000 words of your book will lift your book to a publishable standard.

Synopsis Creation

Detailed support and guidance for writing a synopsis, which will hook an agent and help make your proposal successful.

Why a Book Proposal Matters

We all know that you get just one chance to impress an agent.

The problem is that most writers don't understand what an agent is looking for in a good pitch.

It's not what you think.

You might think a well-written book or a great idea is enough, but it's not.

These things are indeed important, but it's only part of the story.

When an agent looks at your book proposal, they are looking for a well-written book, with a great idea, in a genre they represent, with enough potential readers to attract a publisher.

A good book pitch will present the book so that it ticks as many, if not all, these boxes.

When an agent looks at your book proposal, their instinct will be to say no. After all, figures suggest that 99% of book proposals are rejected.

So, what can you do to get into that 1%?

The first thing is to ensure that your book is pitched to the right agent in the right genre. I know this sounds silly, but this is one of the most common reasons books are rejected - they are unsuitable for the agent.

You might have written the next Harry Potter, but if the genre is not suitable for the agent, they'll say no.

Assuming that you have pitched your book correctly, the next obstacle to overcome is to get the agent to read your extract.

To do this, you need three things:

  1. A concise query letter that explains where your book fits in the market.
  2. A precise synopsis, written in a way that will capture agents.
  3. The first 15,000 words of your book professionally prepared to the best possible standard.

Only when you have all three things in place can you hope for a yes.

And even then, it will not be a yes; it will be a request to read the entire manuscript, but it's a start on the right path.

Our Book Proposal Service will not guarantee success, but it will guarantee that your book gets the best chance possible.


We charge a flat fee for the Book Proposal Service of .

This fee covers the complete service and there are no hidden extras.

When you are ready to proceed, you will be sent an invoice with a link to our secure PayPal server. You don't need a PayPal account and you can use any major credit or debit card to make payment.

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SL Beaumont - Death Count

"This was far the best and easiest editing process that I have been through. Gary’s editing took my book to the next level.

I am delighted with the outcome and I will definitely use Bubblecow to edit my next novel. Highly recommended."

SL Beaumont, award winner author of the The Kat Munro Thrillers series.

What the Book Proposal Includes

Our service will result in a book proposal package you can confidently submit to agents and publishers.

Several steps are required to reach this point.

The first step is the submission of your book's opening 15,000 words. Next, we will read this extract and, in collaboration with you, develop a 'pitching strategy'. This strategy will include us determining at least one genre for your book, a place in the market, and a unique selling point to use when contacting agents.

Once the strategy is in place, the detailed developmental editing will begin.

While the editing takes place, you will be given a comprehensive guide explaining how to write your query letter and synopsis.

You will complete these two documents and return them to us for assessment. We will read these closely and, together, fine-tune them to provide the best possible results.

Once the edit is complete, it will be returned to you for rewriting.

You will be ready to pitch when the extract has been rewritten, the query letter assessed, and the synopsis fine-tuned.

While we can't provide a list of agents (each book is different), we will provide close guidance in selecting your first round of agents. We will also explain how to choose future agents interested in your genre.